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Duchang Rice Dumpling  


Duchang rice dumpling is commonly called “Baoxin cake” or “Jiaotou cake”, which is a specialty of Duchang County. Duchang natives are really familiar with them; People make the dumplings during the holidays especially on Tomb-sweeping Day. The dumplings can be eaten in different ways so people can never have enough. The dumplings are now named a Jiangxi specialty.  

In 2010, Duchang rice dumplings are rewarded as “Jiangxi famous snack” by the Jiangxi Province Cuisine & Food & Restaurant Industry Association  


Boiled catfish with dried bean curd sticks or “Doushen”  



Dried bean curd sticks or “Doushen” are a kind of soybean products, they can be made into dish alone, which looks nice and tastes special. If braised with chicken, pork or fish, the “Doushen” will be filled with sauce and tastes delicious. “Boiled catfish with dried bean curd sticks” is a famous dish of Duchang County, it cooked with dried bean curd sticks and fresh Poyang catfish. People who visit Duchang County cannot miss this extremely palatable delicacy.   


Poyang Whitebait Fish  


Poyang whitebait fish looks like a transparent hairpin made of jade. This kind of fish has a delicious taste and is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, unsaturated fats and other trace elements. It can be eaten fresh or dried, and cooked in different ways.   


Lushan Cloud-mist Tea (or Lushan Yunwu Tea)    



Lushan Cloud-mist Tea has a long history, it was first drunk in the Han Dynasty, and was listed as tribute tea in the Song Dynasty, it is also one of the top 10 teas in China. “After a rain in Mount Lushan, hundreds of waterfalls will appear, and the cloud will shape the mountain in different forms.” The moist, flowing and changeable cloud and mist and abundant rainwater provide Lushan Cloud-mist Tea with a unique manufacturing environment. Therefore, the tea tastes really good and is renowned home and abroad for its fragrance, mellow, green and clear. It also enjoys unique efficacy like refreshing, improving eyesight, quenching thirst, helping digestion and avoiding diseases, which is a rare treasure. Lushan Dasinao, where Taoists and monks used to rest their minds and bodies, is a tea plantation with fertile soil and misty weather. “High mountains contain cloud and mist, while cloud and mist produce good tea.” The unique flavor and endless savour of Dasinao Tea are loved by many people.  


Xiushui Ning Black Tea   


Xiushui, called Ningzhou in ancient times, abounds in a kind of black tea named Ningzhou Black Tea or Ning Black Tea for short. Xiushui is located in mountainous area with mild climate. The red sandy soil in the tea plantation offers a natural and suitable place to plant tea. The black tea looks superb and tastes perfect. During the Qing Dynasty, Ning Black Tea began to be exported in quantity. In 1914, a plaque with words “the best tea in China with a solid value in the world” was given to the black tea by foreign businessmen who did business in Hankou Town, Wuhan City. After liberation, Ning black tea was offered to foreign guests as Chinese Gift Tea by the Sate Council. At Lushan Conference it was assigned as the special tea for the conference. Since 1990s, it developed a series of products with various functions, such as tea for losing weight, reducing hypertension, losing fat and helping digesting. With an annual production of over 7,000 tons, the black tea is sold in America, Japan and large cities in China as brand-name and quality products.    


Hukou Pickled Fish    


According to a textual research by historians, traditional pickled fish first appeared at the juncture of the Poyang Lake and the Yangtze River in the late primitive communes, so it’s called “Hukou pickled fish. It used to be a regional tribute of Hukou for the imperial court in the Ming Dynasty. The fish is selected from the Poyang Lake, the largest pollution-free fresh lake in Asia, and made into the products through traditional techniques. With a fantastic taste, it has been a nice gift for family and friends.  

Nanfeng Dried Bean curd Sticks (or “Doushen”)  


As a specialty of Nanfeng Town, Duchang County, dried bean curd sticks (or “Doushen”) is a delicacy for guests in Duchang. It is made from soybeans or black beans.