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The Major Industrial Enterprises Well-run from January to October


As Jiangxi’s only pilot city for the developing and upgrading of traditional industries, according to the arrangement of “the Year of Achievement for Major Projects”, Jiujiang worked around its industrial project and seized the opportunity to promote the stable development of “five plus one” billions-level industrial clusters. As a result, 100 major industrial enterprises are well run.  

From January to October, overcoming the negative factors including the trade conflict between China and the United States and the dropping price of products, the foregoing 100 enterprises reached 114.709 billion Yuan of prime operating revenue, accounting for 94.6 percent of the total volume of the year 2017, representing a year-on-year increase of 23.8 percent. Among which, 72 enterprises maintained positive growth and one remained the same with last year; the prime operating revenue of 79 enterprises surpassed one hundred million Yuan, 18 out of which surpassed 1 billion Yuan; the prime operating revenue of 9 enterprises represented an increase of 100 percent, while other 18 enterprises increased by 50 percent. These enterprises reached a total profit of 12.584 billion Yuan, more than 16.8 percent over the total volume of last year, up by 62.7 percent year on year. Some leading enterprises including Sinopec Jiujiang Company, PXSteel Jiujiang Company and Xinghuo Organic Silicone Company were in very good operation, with new breakthroughs were made in the prime operating revenue and total profit. The amount of taxes of these enterprises reached 10.31 billion Yuan, accounting for 94.3 percent over the total amount of last year. 9 enterprises, such as Sinopec Jiujiang Company, PXSteel Jiujiang Company and Yadong Cement Company, each paid taxes of more than 100 billion Yuan. (Sun Zhongzhou, Zhu Xiwei | Jiujiang Daily)