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Jiujiang Endeavors to Win the Battle against the Environmental Pollution through PPP Mode


Recently, Jiujiang Municipal People’s Government signed the PPP project contract of the comprehensive treatment of water environmental systems in urban areas (phase-I) with Jiujiang Three Gorges (Sanxia) Water Environment Comprehensive Treatment Co., Ltd. With a total investment of 7.699 billion Yuan, the foregoing project is the biggest PPP project in Jiujiang.  

It is learned that the foregoing project contains 6 sub-projects, including the first-stage project of comprehensive sewage treatment for the area of Fanglan, the first-stage project of comprehensive sewage treatment for the area of Lake Baishui, the project of comprehensive sewage treatment of the outfall of the Yangtze River in Jiujiang’s central urban area, the control project of Lake Bali and Lake Saicheng, the comprehensive regulation project of the basin of the Shili River and Lianxi River and the project for pollution control and ecological reconstruction in the areas around Lake Saicheng.  

As one of the first pilot projects to carry out the “great protection for the Yangtze River”, Jiujiang’s decision to implement the project has a practical significance in leading, demonstrating and promoting the protection and sustainable development of the eco-environment for all cities along the Yangtze River. Jiujiang pilots to adopt the intelligent control mode and integrate the advanced drainage pattern, resource recycling pattern, the comprehensive treatment pattern of pipes, rivers and lakes, and the overall upgrading pattern of municipal pipe network, and plans to build itself into an ecological and livable city in three years with high-level planning and high-standard construction. (By Yu Tingting, Shen Mingjie | Jiujiang Daily)