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Jiujiang Passed through the Acceptance Inspection for Establishing the National Demonstration Area of Public Cultural Service System


According to an announcement on the acceptance result of the third batch of national demonstration areas (projects) to establish public cultural service system issued on January 10, 2019 by the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Jiujiang passed through the acceptance inspection and achieved excellent performance.  

Since listed as one of the third-batch cities to establish the demonstration city in July, 2015, with innovative thinking, Jiujiang has augmented its investment to act according to local conditions, focused on citizens and working around public culture to consolidate the infrastructure, and improved service efficiency to create featured brands, which thus explored a new path in accordance with the law of cultural construction and development, as well as a path of modern public cultural service system with Jiujiang’s characteristics.    

This inspection involved 30 cities in 3 regions across the country. According to the result of the announcement, 9 cities were rated as excellent, 15 were good and 6 were qualified. (By Chen Guyue | Jiujiang Daily)