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The Museum of Mount. Lushan Won the Title of the National Second-level Museum


In recent days, along with other 4 museums from Jiangxi Province, the Museum of Mount. Lushan was listed as one of the third batch of National Second-level Museum awarded by Chinese Museums Association and ranked as one of the top ten National Second-level Museums in Jiangxi Province. It marks that the cultural and museum undertaking of Mount. Lushan has comprehensively reached the provincial and state level.  

The Museum of Mount. Lushan now has a collection of more than 3,000 sets, nearly 300 sets of which are celebrity relics. One of its collection, The Portrait of Five Hundred Arhats, also the national first-level cultural relic, is the treasure of the whole mountain. There are a lot of valuable cultural relics, among which the paintings and calligraphy of the Ming & Qing Dynasties and porcelain of the Republican period are the most unique. In recent years, the Museum pay attention to the work of general survey, protection and restoration of the movable cultural relics. The Exhibition of Words of the Mountains, the Stone Sculpture on Mount. Lushan of Past Dynasties, won the top ten prize for best exhibitions of Jiangxi museums (2014-2017) awarded by Jiangxi Culture and Tourism Department.  

In recent years, Mount. Lushan focuses on developing the exhibition area of best cultural relics to improve its connotation of cultural tourism and tourist experience. In addition to the Museum of Mount. Lushan, two new museums have been established, namely the Museum of Stone Sculpture and the Museum of Geology. And this year it will promote the planning and construction of several museums such as the Religious museum, the comprehensive museum and the poetry museum, and arrange the exhibition of Songmen Villa, so as to benefit more visitors to Mount. Lushan. (Jiujiang Daily)