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Jiujiang's Imports and Exports Increased by 12.6 Percent in the First Four Months


 It is learned recently from Jiujiang Customs that the total value of imports and exports in the first four months was 16.51 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6 percent over the same period of last year, of which 14.5 billion yuan was exports and 2.01 billion yuan was imports. 

According to the data, the volume of trade with countries along the "One Belt and One Road" route rose by more than 30 percent. In the first four months, the imports and exports with countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route reached 7.52 billion yuan, up 31.1 percent, 18.5 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate of imports and exports, accounting for 45.5 percent of the total value of the city's foreign trade in the same period.     

The import and export volume with ASEAN reached 4.8 billion yuan, up 54.8 percent, of which the export volume reached 3.9 billion yuan, up 54.8 percent and the Import volume totaled 900 million yuan, up 54.9 percent. The imports and exports to the EU reached 2.66 billion yuan, up 30.6 percent, of which the exports reached 2.42 billion yuan, up 25.3 percent and the imports reached 240 million yuan, up 1.3 times. The imports and exports to the United States reached 1.8 billion yuan, including 1.74 billion yuan of exports and 61.067 million yuan of imports. 

Mechanical and electrical products accounting for more than 40percent of exports. In the first four months, Jiujiang exported 6.03 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, up 28.4 percent, accounting for 41.6 percent of the city's total export value.The export of machinery and equipment reached 960 million yuan, up 41 percent, and the export of electrical appliances and electronic products reached 1.53 billion yuan, up 18.1 percent. In the same period, the export of labor-intensive products reached 4.28 billion yuan, up 19.2 percent, of which clothing and clothing accessories reached 500 million yuan, and textile yarn and products reached 480 million yuan. In addition, the export of ceramic products reached 900 million yuan, up 62.9 percent and the export of sporting goods and equipment reached 230 million yuan, up 3.8 percent. 

In terms of imports, chemical wood pulp, silver ore and its concentrate and bituminous coal were the top three imported commodities, among which the import of chemical wood pulp was 1.13 billion yuan, up 18.6 percent, the import of silver ore and its concentrate was 150 million yuan, none in the same period of last year and the bituminous coal import totaled 130 million yuan, up 87.9 percent. (Zhu Xiwei from Jiujiang Daily)