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2019 Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO Opened with a Grand Ceremony


Yi Lianhong sent a letter of congratulation, Xie Yiping, Ian Gibbs and Zhou Guofu delivered speeches, Xiong Yongqiang, Feng Jing, Yang Xiaohua attended the ceremony 

Jiujiangs tea is fragrant all over the world, and Lushans spring is one of the most crystal clear springs in China. The Grand Opening Ceremony of 2019 Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO was held in the Jiujiang City's Culture and Art Center yesterday morning. Yi Lianhong, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee (CPC) Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Governor of Jiangxi Provincal Peoples Government sent a letter of congratulation to the EXPO. Xie YiPing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Jiujiang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jiujiang Municipal Peoples Government, Ian D H Gibbs, Chairman of International Tea Committee and Zhou Guofu, President of China International Tea Culture Research Association attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The official leaders from Jiujiang, including Xiong Yongqiang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiujiang Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Political and Law Committee, Feng Jing, Director of the Standing Committee of Jiujiang Municipal People's Congress, Yang Xiaohua, Chairman of Jiujiang Municipal Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); the persons in charge of the EXPO organizers, including Sun Zhonghuan, Executive Vice President of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Lin Zhan, General Manager of China Forestry Group Corporation, Jiang Yongwen, President of the Chinese Tea Science Society, Sun Wei, Secretary General of Chinese Tea Association; 30 international friends from 14 countries and regions, including Raffaele Fantetti, Senator of the Italian Parliament, Reinhard Komar, President of German Association of One Belt and One Road Advocates, Mikhail Tarakhchev, Vice Chairman of China-Georgia Economic and Cultural Foundation; and some distinguished guests, including Xiong Yumei, Chairman of China Women's Tourism Committee, Lu Chengyin, Deputy Director of Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Liu Guanghua, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Provincial Agriculture and Rural Department, Ren Yongxin, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Provincial Cultural and Tourism Department, Yang Wenlong,Chairman of Renhe Group, Wu Haofeng, Vice President of Baoneng Group attended the opening ceremony. 

The Grand Opening Ceremony of 2019 Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO was held in the Jiujiang City's Culture and Art Center on May 30th. (Photographed by reporter Zhang Chi from Jiujiang Daily) 


Xie Yiping said in his speech, green water and mountains produce good tea, great mountains and rivers produce pure spring. Only in Jiujiang, there are both good tea and crystal clear springs. For thousand of years, Jiujiang has been blessed with mountains and rivers. Famous teas and springs are unique. They have created excellent tea quality, fostered a prosperous tea industry and formed a unique tea and spring culture. Tea collects the essence of heaven and earth, and spring gathers the spirit of landscape. The mutual integration of the two, letting each other be tested more delicious, can not only make people forget worries in this world to achieve a relaxed and quiet mind, but also keep our mind clear and persist in our ambition to stimulate the spirit of motivation and power. Once you try Jiujiang tea, a lifetime of romance on Lushan will begin. We expect that famous tea and springs will be used as a carrier to drink, appreciate the quintessence of Chinese culture and observe the etiquette of the country. We will vigorously carry forward the spirit of "being refined, thrifty and virtuous" so that profound tea culture will be passed on and spread in the world. We look forward to setting up a bridge of friendship and cooperation by using famous tea and spring, so that our friendship will spread far and wide. Taking this expo as a new start, we will continue to develop tea tourism, expand the tea industry and build good brand of tea and spring, so as to make mountain greener, spring clearer, tea more fragrant and spring more famous, thus realizing the mutual benefits of tea and springs and the unity of nature and man, so that "tea, spring and man" can share the most beautiful gift of nature. 

 Ian D H Gibbs pointed out that at present with the increasing demand for tea in the global market, the potential of Chinese tea is huge. The successful holding of 2019 Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO will not only bring exchange and cooperation opportunities for the tea consumers and producers, but also make Jiujiang, a scenic city with a profound tea culture, well known around the world. He hoped Jiujiangs tea will be more focused, more refined, more high-end and better quality, and show the profound culture and quality to the world. Meanwhile, the unique geographical, cultural and historical advantages of Jiujiang should be utilized to let friends around the world feel the cultural deposits of Jiujiang, so as to enhance the influence of Jiujiang tea and win a broader tea market. 

 Zhou guofu said, 2019 Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO is a  touching  symphony of Chinese tea culture and spring culture. Jiujiang Municipal Party Committee and Government adhere to the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", and do a good job in the context of famous mountain, tea and spring, which has made remarkable achievements and fully demonstrated the unique charm of Jiujiang to the world. The EXPO will certainly inject new impetus, bring new vitality and highlight new prospect for the integrated development of Jiujiang tea industry, tea culture and spring culture, and further expand the influence and reputation of Jiujiang. 

At the opening ceremony, Xie Yiping, on behalf of Jujiang city, presented to the International Tea Committee the national gift "Emerald Love" designated by the World Horticultural Exposition; Li Bo, Professor and Master Tutor of the Liberal Arts College of Nanjing Normal University, elucidated Jiujiang famous tea and spring culture; the Lushan Cloud Tea local standards and six Jiujiang tea cultural tourism routes were released, and the Jiujiang tea culture in the form of singing and dancing was displayed. In the end,  Zhou Guofu announced the opening of the EXPO and the leaders from the eight organizers, including Xie Yiping, Xiong Yongqiang, Feng Jing, Yang Xiaohua and so on, touched the big screen to light up the icon of the International Famous Tea and Spring EXPO.  

Before the opening ceremony, the participants toured the exhibition areas of the EXPO.(Yuan Donglai Shen and Mingjie From Jiujiang Daily, May 31st )