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Jiujiang: Making Great efforts to Construct Itself into the National Hygienic City with Beautiful Scenery to Benefit its People


We tell a person pretty or not, not only from ones face or figure, but also from ones dress. A citys beauty not only depends on its natural scenery but also on its urban construction and sanitary, including the roads, waters, alleys and markets, etc. A beautiful city with sound environment marks a good start for residents lives and improve peoples sense of happiness and gain. For this reason, Jiujiang Government made a decision to construct Jiujiang into the National Hygienic City in 2018. 

According to the Standard for National Hygienic City, Jiujiang worked to achieve this goal with high standard, high quality and high requirement over the past year. A number of achievements have been made: the 2,810-meter-long underground comprehensive corridor has been built in Balihu New District, 936 old communities have been reconstructed, more than 6 million illegal advertisements and 36,070 road-occupied stalls have been cleaned up, and 20 people have been detained for defacing the streets and walls with illegal advertisements. These figures reflect peoples longing for a hygienic Jiujiang, and demonstrate a better appearance of the city. 

Highly appreciated, comprehensively started, and participated by all residents 

Winning the title of National Hygienic City is the honor and dream of Jiujiang people. People with dreams in their heart are powerful. In order to complete the work of constructing the National Hygienic City, Jiujiang established the headquarter for this work in 2018 and released a series of documents provide the implementation plan, assessment methods and management accountability, etc. And a four-layered network covering city, district, street and community is formed. 

In order to create a more beautiful home, all Jiujiang people devote all their energies in this work. Volunteers in red jackets appear everywhere and do all their can to create a better and cleaner environment for Jiujiang City. With every little effort and strength, the dream of constructing a National Hygienic City could come true.  

Start from demand and end in satisfaction, to construct a hygienic city is a major task for serving the people in Jiujiang City 

Mom, which dustbin should I choose to throw this apple core?, daily conversation like this are common for the residents living in the Dongmeng Linye Community. Since this community was chosen as one of the garbage sorting pilots in November of last year, everyone, even little kids, should choose the right dustbin.  

Based on the principle of government-leading, compulsory sorting, now a number of districts(county-level cities or counties), including Xunyang District, Lianxi District, Chaisang District, Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Balihu New District, Gongqingcheng City and Yongxiu County, have been carried out the compulsory sorting rules of urban household waste. A so-called four-aspects classification model, dividing the garbage into four sorts (harmful waste, perishable or kitchen waste, recyclable waste and other waste), is adopted in the areas like residential districts, markets, party and government institutions, organizations, schools and enterprises, etc. While in some public places such as the airports, train stations, bus stations, bus stops, gardens and squares and commercial facilities, the three-aspects classification model will be adopted, which divides the garbage into recyclable waste, harmful waste and other waste. Meanwhile, the waste incineration power generation project with a total investment of 1.04 billion Yuan is under construction, and some other projects, like the treatment plant for urban kitchen waste, the storage field for disposal of construction garbage and the harmless treatment dump for excrement, with a budget of 280 million Yuan, have been scheduled.   

Garbage sorting is the epitome of constructing a hygienic city. To improve its image, Jiujiang has made great efforts in every aspect including road reconstruction, toilet revolution, market rebuilding and old community upgrading. Taking peoples demand and satisfaction into full consideration, Jiujiang Government serves its people wholehearted and brings real benefits to all its people. 

——Upgrading of the infrastructure construction. Jiujiang accelerates its construction of drainage facilities, for example, the 2,810-meter-long underground comprehensive corridor in Balihu New District has been finished in March, 19 streets will be transformed into sponge ones, the Changhong Avenue will be covered with asphalt, while inspection and repair work of 82 main and secondary roads in urban district will be carried out. 

——Reconstruction of old communities. 116 old communities in urban district have been reconstructed in 2018. This year, another 938 old communities have been reconstructing, which will be completed before September. 

——Toilet revolution. 286 dry latrines have been dismantled and 418 reconstructed. At the same time the three-year critical battle of toilet revolution has been carried out and 920 new public toilets will be built and 322 reconstructed by the year 2020.  

——Special rectification of pedlars' market. There are 32 pedlars markets, among them 27 have been upgraded. 24 temporary markets have been newly constructed and 870 stalls have been regularized, all these work will be completely before September. 

——Special rectification of the appearance, environment and sanitation of the city. 38,000 law enforcement officials have been dispatched to investigate and regulate 81,850 cases of illegal parking, remove 3580 motor vehicles, clean up more than 6 million illegal advertisements, keep and take care of over 400 stray dogs, etc. 

To build a hygienic city is the essential work of constructing the ecological civilization. Regarding the interests of people as its value criterion, the government focuses on the practical issues of great concerns to the people, works on the details and small things and carries out every task. With a strong feeling about the great changes of its appearance, all Jiujiang people devote themselves into this pro-people project. 

Jiujiang, an ancient city with thousands years of history, holds its dreams and marches forward firmly to the goal of building itself into a national hygienic city. (Chen Guyue from Jiujiang Daily)