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Jiujiang Strives to Build Itself into a World-renowned City for Landscape and Culture Tourism


The fantastic view in Xunyang (the ancient name of Jiujiang) is as gorgeous as a painting. Jiujiang, with a history of over 2,200 years and the title of a place with the most beautiful landscape, is endowed with a famous city(Xunyang Ancient City), a famous mountain(Mount. Lushan), a famous river(the Yangtze River), famous springs and famous persons. In recent years, Jiujiang has focused on the theme of promoting innovation-driven development, integrating cultural and tourist industries and developing all-for-one tourism to build popularize the brand featuring that Lushan Mountain is well known all around the world for its long history and to strive to create a new Two-Circle-And-Two-Belt all-for-one tourism pattern(two circles: tourism economic circles in surrounding areas of Mount. Lushan and Lushanxihai Scenic Spot; two belts: tourism economic belt around the Poyang Lake and tourism economic belt along the Yangtze River). From January to June this year, Jiujiang has received 96.625 million visitors and reached 92.064 billion Yuan worth of tourism revenue. The tourism economic indicators ranked the top in Jiangxi Province. 

Coordinating the resources of the mountain, river and lake 

The Yangtze River, lying in the north of Jiujiang City, flows from west to east all the time. The Lushanxihai Lake, with boundless top-grade quality of water, is always glistening as pearls mounted on the crown. The Mount. Lushan, standing upright in the suburb of Jiujiang City, is a mountain full of cultures. The Bailudong Academy(also the White Deer Cave Academy) , situated in the foot of Five-old-man Peaks, is an academy with a thousand years of history. 

Jiujiang is a unique city with so many magnificent scenery and rich culture. In order to coordinate the inter-dynamic development of Mount. Lushan Scenic Spot and Lushanxihai Scenic Spot, promote the integration of multiple tourism resources including mountains, rivers, lakes and towns, Jiujiang government puts forward the  two circles and two belts strategy and the tourism focusing on Mount. Lushan Brand idea, and delivers significant outcomes in this field. 

In 2018 there were 110 million visitors coming to Jiujiangs scenic spots including Mount. Lushan, Lushanxihai Lake and Wuning County, accounting for 61 percent of that of the whole city. 

Energizing the historic city of Jiujiang  

Jiujiang enjoys excellent geographical locations. It was called a city going through six dynasties and the great pass of Wu and Chu Kingdoms in ancient time. Jiujiang has great prosperity due to its developed business during peace times; however, during war times, it was a strategic point of political and military struggles. 

To demonstrate Jiujiangs multiple cultures including landscape culture, military culture, war culture and port culture and inject new momentum to tourism, Jiujiang strengthens its construction in tourism projects. 46 tourism projects were listed as Jiujiangs major projects in 2018, and the total investment of these projects reached 80 billion Yuan, of which 30.42 billion Yuan had been completed accumulatively. Among this, Wuning County spent nearly 50 million Yuan to build the water show Encountering Wuning County. There are more than 60 culture & tourism projects with a total investment of 100 billion Yuan in the year 2019. This October, the 30-billion-Yuan worth of Xunyang Ancient City project will be launched officially. A number of continuously constructed projects, such as Lushan four-season flower town, Lushanxihai international happy world, Ningzhou waterside town and Taohuaxi sports and adventure land, are in construction. A series of projects including Haihui cloud-and-mist town, Taohuaxi drifting scenic spot, Fairy gorge scenic spot and Lancheng hot-spring resort are in rapid progress. The retired Jiujiang Warship berths in the Hukou port, which will be built into Jiujiangs military culture theme park and patriotism educational base. Another project of constructing a foreign-style business street is also launched. 

Creating Jiujiangs unique IP brands 

Integrating culture with tourism is more than the sum of them. Since this year, Jiujiang has made great efforts in excavating the connotation of its culture and   creating its unique IP brands featuring legends, appearance and products of Jiujiang. An initiative about telling 100 stories or legends around Mount. Lushan is also set.  

IP with local characteristics is a major element to attract tourists. Jiujiang carries out the  one county one product strategy, on the basis of different cultural and tourist resources in different counties(county-level cities or districts), so as to cultivate a batch of cultural and creative products with Jiujiang features, such as the intangible cultural products, products for cultural fair and tourism, and to make the existing brands, including Jinxin inkstone in Lushan City, Chinese paper cuttings in Ruichang City, straw dragon in Hukou County, Fenggang Wine in Xunyang District and Cultural and Creative Town in Gongqingcheng City, more popular. Jiujiang also compiles a series of books to promote its tourism industry, such as Tourist Legends about Jiujiang, Traditional Culture and Jiujiang Tourism, Poetry-tour in Jiujiang and Tea Culture and Tourism in Xunyang, etc. And a tourism demonstration base which presents Jiujiangs scenic spots and other scenery depicted in textbooks will be built, meanwhile a series of study & travel programs have been carried out, encouraging students to be immerse in the scenery while learning poems and essays in textbooks. 

Jiujiang endeavors to excavate, declare and protect its non-material cultural heritages and designs relevant activities about tourism projects, thus showing, presenting and inheriting non-material cultural heritages. It is planned that one demonstration zone for cultural and tourism integration, one to two provincial-level demonstration bases for cultural industry, and one to two demonstration projects for cultural and tourism integration in every county(county-level city or district) will have been constructed by the year 2021. 

Heating up the tourism market in multiple ways 

The First Lushan International Mountain Half Marathon will be held in the center garden on Mount. Lushan on September 21. In 48 hours 5,000 participants completed the registration. Jiujiang makes creative efforts to activate its tourism market. In the first half year, it held the First Lushan Competition of Poetry and Couplet, the 2019 International Famous Tea and Spring Expo and other cultural and tourism activities, attracting a number of tourists and enterprises at home and abroad. A batch of activities will be held in the second half year, including the International Bicycle Race around the Poyang Lake, the International Marathon in Balihu New District, the Festival of Migratory Birds in the Poyang Lake and photography competition, etc. 

To highlight the features of the Yangtze River scenic cruise, Jiujiang takes great efforts in addressing the difficulties and resumes cruises on the Yangtze River after a 5-year break-off, boosting the development of inbound tourism. Last year over 50 thousand foreign tourists from more than 20 countries joined in the Yangtze River scenic cruise. The total number of foreign tourists reached 330 thousand in the year 2018, ranking the first in Jiangxi Province. Also, Jiujiang make full use of its religious advantage to develop its inbound tourism, attracting tourists from Japan, South Korea and Singapore to make pilgrimages. It s known that Jiujiangs International Cruise Center is under construction. 

According to the tourist situation of Mount. Lushan in peak seasons and off-seasons, Jiujiang completed the construction of aerial ropeway, ski resort and other tourist facilities. Tourists could experience a new tourism style in winter season, such as visiting Mount Luhan in cableway, admiring the snowscape, going skiing and enjoying hot spring spa. Last year the number of visitors to Mount Lushan in winter increased by 45 percent year on year. During the holiday of New Years Day, Mount. Lushan received nearly 100 thousand visitors. To make full play of the scenery of migratory birds in the areas around the Poyang Lake, Duchang County and Wucheng Migratory Birds Reserve held the International Migratory Birds Festival and International Photograph Festival to build new tourist routes featuring the Poyang Lake, migratory birds and the great nature. Since then the winter tourism becomes more and more popular. 

Jiujiang will seize the opportunity of the national development strategy of one belt and one road initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt to advance solidly the structural reform of Mount. Lushan and Lushanxihai scenic spots, enhance its all-for-one tourism and promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry, thus striving to build itself into a world-renowned tourist city for  landscape and culture tourism. (By Ouyang Yuanyuan, Li Fangfang and Guo Yuxin | Jiangx Daily)