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Sister Cities

In today's age of global economic integration, Jiujiang's foreign interactions become increasingly active with international exchanges and cooperation becoming more and more frequently. We adhere to the basic principle of "increasing the total through a rational layout, while paying more attention to actual effect and promoting friendship". We innovate continuously the Sister Cities working ideas, deepen exchanges and content, and expand the exchange level, which has played a positive role in enhancing Jiujiang’s international fame and promoting the internationalization of Jiujiang City.  

The city won the “Sister Cities International Innovation Award for Sustainable Development” given by the American International Sister Cities Association, and the “International Friendly Exchanges and Cooperation Award” issued by the Chinese People's Association for friendship with foreign countries and the “Friendly City Exchange Award for the Youth between China and the US" jointly issued by Chinese People's Association for friendship with foreign countries and the American International Sister City Association.    

Jiujiang have established sister city relationships with 14 cities in 13 countries on five continents, Baw Baw Shire (1993) in Australia, Koper(1995) in Slovenia, Tamano (1996) in Japan, Louisville (2003) in the United States, Kajaani (2006) in Finland, Legionowo (2008) in Poland, Chios (2008) in Greece, Savannah (2008) in the United States, La Plata (2008) in Argentina, Queimados (2011) in Brazil, Redbridge (2011) in UK, Serowe (2011) in Botswana, Wurselen (2013) in Germany, and Jeongseon County (2016) in South Korea.